Asian customer service specialist

Manawatu - Palmerston North


Company Vision

  • “We will be the very best foodservice distributor by being innovative and responsive to the interest and continued success of our customers, which in turn will provide for the success of our co-workers, suppliers and community”

Company Values

  • Decentralisation.    Breed greater responsibility and accountability at all levels
  • Entrepreneurship. Encourage calculated opportunism and resourcefulness
  • Perfection.             Constantly pursue perfection. Be the best.
  • Service.                  We sell service, never under sell it.
  • Focused.               Single minded clarity on our core business
  • People.                   The difference is people and team work
  • Punctuality.             Be punctual in communication and attendance
  • Passionate.            Committed and determined

Primary KPI (Key Performance Indicator)

  • Sales growth
  • High level of product knowledge
  • Call Plan & phone lists up to date
  • Compliance with food safety requirements
  • Continuity of health and safety checks

Functional Relationships

·           Sales Team, Operations Supervisors, Telesales team, Inwards, Fresh Produce Department


The ability to speak Cantonese, mandarin as well as English is a Prerequisite



Overall Objective

  • To deliver the best possible service to our customers by servicing there account to the best of your ability, while having the best interests of Bidfood in mind.
  • Maintain a high standard in aspects of the business

Process Responsibility

  • Answering incoming phone calls
  • Processing Faxes & email orders
  • Consolidating fresh fish & chicken orders for processing
  • Completing a set phone call list on a daily bases
  • Problem solving & eliminating issues
  • Serving customers at reception as they enter


  • One full week of training will be given, this will include the following
  • Health & Safety insight
  • Product awareness
  • Time in warehouse
  • Time on delivery truck
  • Interdiction to the computer system
  • Filing & systems training

Health and Safety

  • Adhere to Health and Safety rules outlined in clause 16 of the Bidfood Handbook.
  • Under the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992, you are obliged to take all practical steps to ensure your own safety at work and to ensure the safety of all other persons in the workplace.
  • Ensure that the Safety Officer is advised of any new accidents, incidents or hazards identified immediately. Report any health and safety concerns to the Safety Officer.


  • A strongly customer focused person that is self motivated and driven to constantly improve.
  • To work with in the Telesales team & lead by example
  • To put the customer first every time
  • To work Saturday mornings on a rostered bases (1 every 4 weeks)

The ability to speak Cantonese, mandarin as well as English is a Prerequisite


I accept this position and its accountabilities and I agree to use the systems, to meet the standards and to produce the stated outcome.

Applications close: 16 Aug 2019